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Dems WTH, seriously?

HR 5912 should have been a no-brainer bill. Yet 95 Democrats voted against it and I want to know why.

I pride myself as being an Independent. I loathe the political machines that dominate and debilitate this country. And I must confess, more of my views fall left of center than right of center. I view many Republican ideologies as archaic and disingenuous. That being said, I am oftentimes just as frustrated by flagrant hypocritical things that Democrats do.

Here is the latest example. The 112th Congress, unofficially dubbed the, "do-nothing" Congress, just voted on HR 5912 and it passed! Woo hoo! They finally did something! To me, HR 5912 was a slam dunk, a layup if you will. The bill cut off all federal funding for these, in my opinion, shameful wastes of money called the RNC and DNC. What is the point of these things anyway? To confirm a candidate that already knows he is the candidate? To lob softballs, laden with misinformation and flat out lies to drum up support from people who are already mindlessly locked into their political affiliation? It's a pointless horse-and-pony show that wastes federal money when we are hemorrhaging money as a nation.

The bill passed, amazingly but with a vote of 310 to 95. While this might seem like a success at first glance, my question is who voted against this bill? To my shock and horror, I noticed that all 95, "nay" votes came from the Democrat side of the aisle. Thank goodness 85 of those Democrat representatives voted in favor or this no-brainer or the bill might not have even made it out of the House. I want to know who those 95 are. I found out and now I'm telling you. Click this link and see if your representative voted against this bill. You might then want to ask them why. Curiously, there were 24 members of Congress that simply did not vote. Those come from both sides of the aisle and I would ask them why they chose not to do their job on Wednesday.

If anyone can explain to me why 95 Democrats voted against this bill, I would like to hear it.

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