Kids Behaving Badly at Restaurants, What Should Happen?

A sign at a Tampa area pizza restaurant warns parents they'll be asked to leave if their kids act up. What's your take?


When kids misbehave at a restaurant, should the parents be kicked out?

That's the debate that's followed a recent Seminole Heights Patch story on .

Local residents have been divided over Cappy's Pizzeria's stance on kids acting up at the North Florida Avenue restaurant, where a sign reads, "Parents, for the safety and comfort of everyone, if you allow your child to run, scream, or misbehave, parties will be asked to leave.”

We're wondering what Westchase Patch readers think. Our neighborhood is home to several pizzerias and other restaurants that families frequent.

Do you think more restaurants should adopt this rule? Or is Cappy's out of line?

Patch reader Kay applauded the move, writing, "Bravo! Cappy's is now on my favs list and we will be there again soon! Parents need to stop and think that not everyone appreciates your 'little bundle of joy' and does not want to hear it screaming."

Facebook fan Angela Mann disagreed, writing, "I'm a behavior analyst and I work with parents whose kids are out of control. Kids (believe it or not) do not come with a manual and it's not necessarily that these parents are terrible."

Even Tampa Bay Times columnist Sue Carlton offered her take in an opinon column published Wednesday.

So what's your take, New Tampa?

Do you have other examples of children or parents behaving badly at local restaurants?

Would you be more or less likely to eat at a restaurant that warned parents of misbehaving kids they'd be kicked out?

Post your comment below and continue the conversation.

PatriciaMurphy May 18, 2012 at 07:03 PM
I was recently at dinner and a child was running up and down the aisle spilling soda everywhere and yelling like his pants were on fire. If parents can't get their children to behave they should stay at home.
Cheryl May 19, 2012 at 12:51 PM
AS for Angela Mann's comment..no one said that the parents are terrible. When my children/grandchildren were young, there are certain years that the kids may be more rammy than others. Make those years the time to stay home and eat. It's less frustrating for everyone. If I were a owner of a restaurant, I wouldn't want that kind of behavior going on either. It could actually become a liability if something God forbid happened to a customer as a result of this kind of behavior. Including hot food being served...for the least of what to imagine could happen. And No one says it's bad parenting.. kids will be kids at times too...
Jerri Putnoky May 19, 2012 at 03:07 PM
I totally agree. When my child was small I would have never continued to stay in a restaurant with her screaming. People pay a lot of money to eat out and no one has the right to subject other patrons to their misbehaving or squalling children. I would patronize establishments more often that posted a sign warning parents. If their child throws a fit, it doesn't mean they are bad parents. Sometimes kids just throw fits, however other people should not be subjected to it.


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