Best of Craigslist, Oct. 13 Edition

A roundup of the most eye-catching posts in the New Tampa/University area.

Bring Back My Bird, Please!

"Please HELP us find our baby. My children and I are lost without him. He was stolen out of his home on August 23. He is blue and gold--very tall and thin for a B&G. He says, "hi", "hello", "Cairo", "Lil", "STOP!", "HELP", "MOM!", "are you ready?", whistles (come here and wolf) and sings, "bad birds bad birds, whatcha gonna do"...to the tune of Cops. 

He is very bonded to me because I raised him from two weeks old. He will not be friendly and he needs medication and if he is not fed a special diet and given his medication daily, he will die. Please help me. If you see him or hear him, please call me. If you have taken him, please just bring him back--NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We just want our baby bird back. ::sobbing::"

For Sale; Have an Upcoming Sack Race?

"These Burlap Bags are 100% organic, with vegetable die for the printing, no chemicals used. Once held coffee beans. Logos and designs may vary."

Missed Connection: Gas Station Girl, What is Your Name?

"Hey so uhm, long shot but, I was drinking coffee outside Dunkin Donuts on fletcher and bruce b downs tonight and you came out with a friend and I waved at you and you waved back, if you wanna hang out or something write back to this and tell me what color my car was or something like that. I thought you were really cute so I hope you see this."

Missed Connection: Tom the Hot Video Game Guy

"Hey Tom! we met at the Game Stop at University Mall! We accidentally told you that you had to come into the store to get the mystery gift, but it turns out you can just do it over any wifi connection!  Anyways have fun with the game, and if you want to battle us with your cool Genesect we are totes down."


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