Cozier Homes in Cory Lake Isles?

A developer wants to build more 'affordable' abodes in the exclusive New Tampa development, where big homes and big price tags are the norm.

Cory Lake Isles residents could be getting an influx of new neighbors one day.

A developer hopes to build 115 houses in the gated community off Morris Bridge Road and Cross Creek Boulevard. But unlike the existing abodes — which are big in both size and price — these homes would be more "affordable" and "cozy," according to www.tbo.com.

Kolter Land Partners wants to call the new neighborhood Capri Isle. The developer envisions, TBO says, three- and four-bedroom homes "ranging from 1,700 square feet to 2,800 square."

It is not unusual for existing homes to surpass 4,400 square feet.

Capri Isle was never the original plan for the 27-acre parcel within the community. Townhomes were to go up, but a developer that had purchased the property awhile back defaulted on bond payments and taxes, according to TBO. Kolter stepped in and assumed the debt.

It is unclear what kinds of prices Capri Isles would fetch. Kolter is still in the planning process with the city, TBO reported. 


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