Patch Editor Gets Pied in the Face

Patch Editor Keli Sipperley was pied over the weekend after Land O’ Lakes Patch reached 1,000 fans on Facebook.

Here’s how much Keli Sipperley loves her Patch fans.

Keli agreed to be pied in the face if the Land O’ Lakes Patch Facebook page reached 1,000 Likes.

At EcoFest in Lutz on Feb. 2, Keli donned a Patch T-shirt and goggles as kids pummeled her with pies. She also took a couple pies for fans of the Lutz Patch Facebook page.

By the end, she was covered from head to toe in pie goo, which melted in the afternoon sun.

“This is how much I love you, Lutz and Land O’ Lakes,” she said, squinting through the mess. “I can’t see right now, but I love you.”

Do you think this should happen in New Tampa? Like the New Tampa Patch Facebook page!


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