Turkey Fryers Pose Many Dangers

Tampa Fire Rescue offers tips for those who insist on frying turkeys themselves this Thanksgiving.

Fire officials discourage the use of outdoor gas-fueled turkey fryers because in so many cases it leads to severe burns, fires and destruction of property.

To highlight the dangers of using the popular cookers, Tampa Fire Rescue recently did a demonstration at Station 20 in New Tampa.

The best alternative for fried turkey, officials say, is to use an oil-less fryer or purchase the food pre-cooked from a grocery store, retail or restaurant.

If you insist on frying your own bird this Thanksgiving, however, Tampa Fire Rescue has these tips:

  • Make sure your turkey is completely defrosted. Oil and water (via ice crystals) don’t mix and oil will boil over and splatter and ignite the flame source.
  • Avoid the possibility of the cooker being tipped over. Keep the fryer on stable ground and keep pets and children far enough away.
  • Follow instructions on your burner.


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