Tips to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner in New Tampa

Stretching the budget to put on a turkey feast can be costly, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means it’s time to stock up on turkey, yams, cranberries and all things festive.

Stretching the budget to fit in that pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream is the hard part for many. With food prices through the roof and many household budgets already flexed to the breaking point, it can be difficult to work in the extra expenses.

There are some steps families can take now to help stretch their dollars and make certain there’s no reason to skimp on the spread.

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Here are a few tips for making that budget go the distance for Thanksgiving 2012:

  • Plan the menu in advance: Write out a complete menu plan – including those scrumptious desserts – and determine exactly how much you need to feed everyone. Knowing exactly what you need can help you avoid over purchasing items that might just sit on your shelf and collect dust until next Thanksgiving.
  • Assign dishes to others: If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner for others, don’t be shy about asking guests to bring a dish to share. This can help them feel great for contributing and it can help cut your personal costs, too. Make sure to remove the items others will bring from your own shopping list.
  • Compare before you buy: Once you have a finalized list in hand, sit down and figure out which stores have the best prices on the items you want on your Thanksgiving table. While it’s not always best to visit multiple stores to complete a grocery list, in the case of Thanksgiving it is often worthwhile. If one store has the best prices on turkeys and another can save you cash on the fixings, plan on a two-trip venture. To find out who has the best deals in town, use the New Tampa Patch Grocery Special section before you head out.
  • Spread the costs out: Thanksgiving is still more than a week away. Rather than let the meal hit the budget in a single week, spread out the costs. Consider buying the turkey now when selection is high and specials are abundant. Don’t forget to check out the New Tampa Patch grocery section to see who has the best deals on turkeys.

Do you have other tips for saving on Thanksgiving expenses? Do you know who has the best prices in town on the items needed for a lavish Thanksgiving spread? Share them in the comments section.

Sherry November 12, 2012 at 11:54 PM
I start in October. I plan my menu, write out every item I need, go through my pantry, mark off what I have. I then have a list of all the items I need. Each week which is usually about 7 at least, I buy 4 or 5 items along with regular groceries. By the time it is the week before Thanksgiving, I usually have everything by then and am ready to cook and bake all those goodies. I never miss the cost, It is divided over about 7 weeks at least.


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