How To Manage Allergies & Have a Healthy New Home

Tips for maintaining a healthy home in Tampa Bay. Thanks to State Vacuum in South Tampa for the great information on allergy-proofing your home!

By Lana Bingham

Keeping your home healthy is nothing to sneeze at! Whether your home is new or old, viruses, bacteria, molds and allergy instigators can creep their way into your house. Making sure that your home stays clean and allergen free is beneficial to you and your family’s health.

Keep It Clean! Scheduling a weekly deep-cleaning routine will stop bacteria and germs from multiplying. Kitchens and bathrooms should receive the most attention, as they are ideal breeding grounds for icky germs. Counter tops, toilet seats, faucets and drains should be disinfected regularly. Bed linens should also be changed weekly and washed in hot water (above 130 degrees) to remove any mites or dead skin cells that may be lurking between the sheets. Take a look at our past blog post for a list of the best cleaning products for your home.

What Stinks? Determine what is causing odor in your home and eliminate it. It may be from cooking, pets or poor air circulation. Utilizing your range hood fan while cooking will reduce air pollutants, just be sure to clean your filter. Heated oils, candles, and environment-friendly air fresheners can help recover your home from a foul odor. Try recipe-inspired scents in the kitchen, such as chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon apple pie.

Manage Moisture. In Florida, controlling your home’s humidity level is the key to winning the battle for a healthy home. High humidity results in mold and other problems.  New homes in Tampa should apply a mold prevention treatment.  This will kill any mold on materials used to build your home and prevent future mold growth.  Keeping water and moisture from seeping into your walls is critical.  An elastomeric paint like Sherwin Williams Loxon is a perfect solution.  Even though many people love to keep their windows and doors open, there are few days when our humidity is below 50%, the optimal humidity level.  Regularly running your AC will pull humidity out of the home. A humidistat is a great device for your AC.  Just like a regular thermostat does for temperature, it will turn on your AC if the humidity level is too high to pull out that moisture.

Allergy Alert! Those who suffer from allergies can have a tough time during the spring and fall months in Florida. State Vacuum offers some tips for maintaining an allergy proof home:

  • Try to minimize the amount of carpet in your home. It can harbor allergens which can be very difficult to remove. New home builders Tampa mainly use hard wood or tile flooring in homes.
  • High filtration AC filters are a must. They will greatly improve air quality and ventilation, just be sure to change your filter every 1 to 2 months.
  • Consider a Central Vacuum System. The University of California’s Davis Allergy and Immunology Department concluded from a study that this can improve your indoor air quality by over 70%! For high quality system, try M. D. Manufacturing Inc.
  • Select the perfect Air Purifier. It will help take out airborne allergens, pollen, pet dander and other nuisances, immediately improving the air quality in your home. Select an air purifier that does not emit ozone or negative ions.
  • Purchase allergy approved products. This is important for pillow and mattress encasements, so that dust mites cannot travel into your bedding.
  • Vacuum Regularly. According to the EPA and American Lung Association, the two biggest causes to poor indoor quality result from your AC system and your vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming often and routinely cleaning your vacuum will result in your home staying fresh. Miele is a top choice for portable vacuums.

State Vacuum also offers a wide range of clean air products. New homes and major renovations provide a healthy environment for homeowners. If interested in learning more about building a new custom home, contact us.

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