Standing up for Gabby's Hair

venting about people's ignorance

Relaxer, natural, braids, dreads, locs, sisterlocs, weaves, wigs, and the list could go on and on and on. There is so much baggage about Black hair that I didn't even know about some of the foolishness associated with our hair. You can read about some of the craziness here.  Needless to say, hair is BIG in the African American community.

Its so BIG, America is raging about it leaving people confused, angry, and embarrassed. Why are they raging, you ask? Because some person decided to tweet about the first African American All Around Gymnastic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas' hair! Simpleminded, right? I thought so too. Demetria Lucas sounds off best with her "Leave Gabby's Hair Alone" article.

I need African Americans to get it together! Hair does NOT compare to Gabby's athletic prowess WHICH earned her a GOLD MEDAL. I hate to go all in on my peeps but wrong is wrong and right is right! I couldn't agree more with Serena's comment,"its ridiculous".

Let's celebrate Gabby's AWESOMENESS instead of her hairstyle. Shoot, as soon as her Cornflakes box comes out, I'm going to buy it and I don't even like the sugarless flakes.

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Greg Cooper August 06, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Why do we as people continue to waste valuable time and social resources on stupid, non-productive, trivial matters such as the "hairstyle" of a young, aspiring African American girl living out her Olympic dream? This young lady's overall accomplishments since pursuing her Olympic dream far exceeds her sweating out her "natural" hair! So to all of Gabby's haters out there, please take a moment to notice: This young lady won two gold medals, and the (cash) prize money for every gold medal won in this years Olympics is worth $25,000, which mean's that Gabby has already earned at least $50,000 before taxes. Add to that the new 5 year, $10 million dollars endorsement Gabby just signed with Kelloggs Corn Flakes, and there's NOT a hairstylist in the world this young lady can't afford! If people (namely Gabby's haters) would focused more on the ignorance "INSIDE" of their own heads instead of what's on top of Gabby's head....this wouldn't even be a topic! As a proud African American man, I salute this brave young lady immensely for helping to open doors of hope, and windows of opportunity for many other young, aspiring, African girls, NOT only in the United States, but throughout the entire world. "Congratulations Gabby! We are very proud of you!" @ http://www.bmawufbp.blogspot.com


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