Yoga 101: Balasana, Child's Posture

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, it seems appropriate to cover Balasana, or child’s posture.

Whether or not we are close to our mothers, bringing our bodies down to Mother Earth helps reminds us that we are a tribe of humans and children of the universe. 

I remind my students every time we meet on the mat that Balasana posture is a great posture to practice when we need a rest.

It also can give us an intermission to recapture our consistency of breath (samavritti), while helping us connect with ourselves. In the yoga classroom  across the world, child’s posture sends a universal message. 

Without saying a word, child’s posture tells the teacher that you are listening to your body and taking it easy today. Child’s posture not only helps us reconnect with ourselves, but it also will help with flexibility in the knees, the hips and the

The seemingly passive flexion of the primary curve of the spine seems so simple, but we gain so much from exploring basic movements. The cooling and healing nature of child's posture also can rejuvenate and help with menstrual cramps and ease constipation.

Before starting any new exercises, make sure you are cleared by your doctor or wellness provider.

Find sukasana and begin your pranayama. As you inhale, let the breath rise all the way up to the top of the lungs. As you exhale, lengthen the spine and draw the belly in toward the spine. Do this breath for a few minutes.

Find table top. Pad the knees with a blanket or towel.

Open your knees, hip distance or wider and side your hips back toward your heels.

Allow the toes to touch as the head comes to the ground.

If the head is off the ground, make fists with your hands or use a block to help support the head.

We want to feel ease, sukha, in this posture. In the beginning doing child’s posture, I was not very comfortable, but I used props to help me find the ease and release the tension.

As your hips sink back, relax the front of the body. Connecting with your breath, perform slow deep inhales and slow deep exhales. 

As your hips reach back, extend your spine forward and relax the shoulders back.

Connect with your breath. Then bridge that connection with your heart space. See if you can allow the heart to slow. Connect with your mind. Then let all thoughts begin to dissolve as you hold and stay in the posture. With patience and breath, your entire body, mind and soul will being to soften and relax.

Hold this posture for as long as comfortable. Begin to connect with your inner child in everyday life. Find the simplicity of the posture and invite life to be a little less serious and a lot less stressful.

Enjoy this posture and enjoy the person who loves and nurtures you every day and celebrate her on Sunday!

Yoga Happenings This Week:

Friday, May 12:

  • Yoga Loft, 2002 East 5th Ave. Ybor City, celebrates its one-year  anniversary at Collage, 1701 E. 8th Ave.,  in Ybor City, from 7-10 p.m. There will be food catered by Ybor's own Sundays’ fine dining and lots of  live music, as well as Dj Raden and even a hypnotist.  Wear your best white outfit, and join the yoga community for a fun night out. Yoga Loft is offering a special – $50.00 monthly unlimited membership when you sign up with credit card auto pay (no hidden fees!). That's a great deal, since it's 50 percent off normal pricing!

Sunday, May 13:

  • Forrest Yoga instructor  Jennifer Yater will be teaching at Jai Dee Yoga in Seminole Heights from 9-10:30 a.m. every Sunday, but this week she will be teaching a special Mother’s Day themed class, "How do you learn to care for yourself so that you CAN care for others?" Jai Dee is offering Unlimited Yoga for $69 a month, which is about $17.25  a week, making it a great gift for that special someone!
  • I will be teaching a Special Mother’s Day Class at The Dali in St. Pete from noon-1:30 p.m., representing Inspire Yoga.  In our modern world, a mother's role can come from a man or a woman. This practice is for all people who dedicate their lives to love, support and nurturing another being. Please bring anyone who fills this place in your heart.  All ages, all levels. Chairs are provided for those who may not be able to get to the ground, and children are more than welcome. Cost: $10 members and students, $15 non-members. Non-members, visit the galleries on the same day for an additional $6. Bring a singed waiver and enter through the Cafe Gala doors (Eastside Garden entrance) starting at 11:30.
  • Mother’s Day Yin Yoga with yoga instructor Kellie Adkins at Altamonte Springs Yoga, Altamonte Springs, FL, 5:30-7:30 p.m.; $25. Theme, meditation and special playlist to honor Mother's wisdom (pregnant women, welcome).


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