OMG PD: Weird Thefts, Construction Worker Buried Up to Waist

We compile the odd, unusual and ‘oh my gosh’ police items from throughout the region.

Police news can often impact, or at least interest, surrounding communities. OMG PD is an occasional feature that examines the "oh my gosh police items" from beyond New Tampa.

Woman Suspected of Swiping Bud and Vagisil

A Holiday woman is accused of shoplifting an odd mix of items.

Janet Lynnette Dolinger was arrested this week after store officials at a Sweetbay observed her concealing a four-pack of a Budweiser, Vagisil Cream and a package of Alka Seltzer in her purse and leaving without paying, according to New Port Richey Patch.

The 50-year-old was charged with shoplifting.

That's A Lot of Shaving

Speaking of strange thefts, authorities are searching for a trio accused of stealing $2,500 worth of electric razors and blades from the Target in Carrollwood.

The incident occurred Sept. 15. Surveillance photos have been released, according to Carrollwood Patch.

A theft involving $2,500 in razors and blades is unusual, sheriff's office spokeswoman Debbie Carter told Patch.

"I don't know what they'd be used for," she said.

Dirt Wall Collapses on Construction Worker

A construction worker was flown to a trauma center after a dirt wall caved in on him, trapping him up to his waist.

Multiple Tampa Fire Rescue Units responded to the construction accident on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard underneath the I-75 overpass in New Tampa on Friday. The 911 call came in shortly after 11 a.m.

Tampa Fire Rescue officials said the worker was inside an 8-to-9-foot-deep hole dug for a light pole when the incident occurred. For an unknown reason, the “wet dirt of the wall” gave way and collapsed down on the man, burying him up to his waist, officials said.


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