County Line Road Potholes on Pasco’s Radar

Road maintenance crews are still playing catch up after the long, wet summer.

Motorists hoping for smoother sailing on County Line Road will soon see some relief.

Pasco County is aware of pothole problems between Livingston Avenue and the Interstate 75 overpass and plans to fix them in as soon as it can.

“They will be filled,” said Pasco County Commissioner Pat Mulieri. “Thanks for your patience. With this rain, our staff is working diligently but … the calls are overwhelming.”

Public works crews in both Pasco and Hillsborough county have been kept busy this summer as calls about and potholes have come pouring in, officials have said. Flooding has been a particular concern in northwest Hillsborough where stormwater drains haven’t been able to keep up with the amounts of rain the Tampa Bay area has seen over the course of the summer.

Concerns about the potholes on County Line Road were brought to our attention by Lutz Patch Facebook fan Debra Genovese. When we asked readers what concerned them in their neighborhoods, right away she brought up the condition of the roadway, which straddles both Pasco and Hillsborough counties.

“The potholes on County Line Road between Livingston and the I-75 overpass are pretty awful,” Genovese wrote.

This particular section of County Line Road is maintained by Pasco County under an agreement, said Hillsborough County spokesman Steve Valdez.

It is unclear how soon the potholes will be filled in. Pasco officials have already patched in some of the holes close to Livingston.

Is there an issue that’s bugging you that you’d like New Tampa Patch to look into? Let us know about it in the comments section.

kc September 15, 2012 at 06:36 AM
This is good news I guess, but filling in holes on such a heavily used road is worthless. The whole road needs repaving. 55 mph when there are foot wide, foot deep holes that appear out of nowhere overnight with no rain is ridiculous. Westbound isn't so bad, but eastbound is dangerous, especially when the road is so narrow. After ruining my alignment, I steer clear of it eastbound.


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