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 7834 N 56th St Tampa FL 33617  See map

The Tampa Liberty School is a subgroup of the Tampa 912 Project, and is a first of its kind in the Tampa Bay area. This school is a great opportunity for children ages 8 to 12 to learn about the founding principles of the United States. The school is dedicated to educating, enlightening, and exciting the youth of America, as to the fundamental principles and beliefs on which this country was founded.

We strive to empower them with the knowledge and will to preserve these liberties for the future. During July, the Tampa Liberty School will be offered in the  Carrollwood area. The school will be hosted by The Paideia School of Tampa Bay, and will run over five days, July 9 through July 13. Hours will be 9:00 AM until noon each day. Activities are designed to teach the children while having fun. Please go to the website for more information and to register. Ages 8 to 12.


  Please contact Jeff Lukens for more details. Or, to register your child, please go tampalibertyschool.org.


Tampa Liberty School is designed to impart the principles of liberty as discovered and implemented by the founders of our county. Some of the main points of emphasis in the Tampa Liberty School include:

  • With freedom comes responsibility. Blending freedom and responsibility requires virtuous, moral, and educated citizens. 
  • Our unalienable human rights do not come from a king, a president, a congress, or any other form of government. They only come from God. We must know what they are and protect them.
  • People and political parties can become corrupted. We promote fundamental principles that are timeless and incorruptible.
  • Seek the truth by going to original sources. The founders' faith in God was fundamental to the founding of our country and the system the provided.
  • The ultimate responsibility for maintaining liberty lies with the people. We must recognize that it is up to us (the citizens) to be the guardians of our liberty.
shanononon July 08, 2012 at 03:50 PM
Aren't we all victims of the monster that corporations have become?? Organized religion is just as bad, and neither should have a role in government. Teaching history anyway that kids will understand and absorb it is what (I believe) teachers are trying to do. When KC was in high school most people were living in a fog of separationist values. There was no such thing as equal rights then and it's just as bad now, if not worse. If anyone wants to hide behind the veil of religious values and hope they'll be saved when the rapture comes, they should do it on their own time and let the rest of us live our lives the way we want. Whether fighting greed and corruption (on all sides) or ignoring the injustice and letting people just be....it doesn't make sense for us to be fighting among ourselves when there is a much greater force to contend with, and I'm not talking about GOD.
James Cass July 08, 2012 at 04:16 PM
<<--Ah, spoken like a true expert of insight and all things knowledgeable - someone who really doesn't even have a real point about the article to make at all, (unless of course they are actually affiliated with the Liberty School - I hope not for their sake) but wants to degrade the other commentors via assumption on a personal level, and completely based on religious and partisan view. (+1 for doing things that your role models growing up would {not} approve of) My guess is this fine example of insight will now attack my "leftist" views, which would be missing the mark completely (but absolutely consistent with their other posts all over this site). It's actually a good thing our politics go back and forth from right to left and back again - it's what keeps us from turning into a society the "other party" fears most. I too have seen other governments first hand (boots on the ground) that are the result of extremely one-sided politics. This country, however, is not. The battles chosen with your fellow citizens here, in this medium of all, is not where you do the most good. Personally, I think the Liberty School has every right to push their agenda to whomever wants to hear it (Tea Party or not), but Sh has a point - the agenda should be a little more clearly expressed - which very possibly may be once one goes to attend the event.
KCF July 09, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Spoken like a good little Atheist. You commies don't like God, then your little crumb catchers need not go. The Liberty Schools and TEA Party are not trying to push any ONE religion and they're not even pushing Christianity although I'd say the vast majority are Christians. That's probably because the vast majority of Americans are Christian. Get off your Marxist soap box Alinsky, nobody is trying to make your kid follow Jesus. When your kid turns into a Zombie, Jesus won't help him anyway.
shanononon July 12, 2012 at 01:31 AM
No this is where you're wrong. I love god. I love the idea of having faith in something I can't see and has no impact on my life now, but promises an everlasting afterlife. For reals, your Faith, Hope and Charity classes are so 1647. Go back to your puritanical roots and just burn us witches while you have the chance. You are the reason I don't have kids. The wasteland your kind have created will be a hell on earth for all of mankind. Who needs clean air, equal rights, and economic freedom when you have GOD?!!
shanononon July 12, 2012 at 01:36 AM
It's a shame that so many blind followers perpetuate the misguidance of a corrupted church and self-serving state. The conservative right is far from christianly, and the women in the Tea Party need to wake up and start thinking for themselves and for the future. Preach truth and tolerance, that's all I'm saying.


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