Free Child Immunizations Offered Saturday

Local groups are offering the annual vaccinations at the University Community Health Center.

For the eighth year, the Back to School Coalition of Hillsborough County and University Area Community Development Corporation Inc. (UACDC) have worked to ensure that school-aged children receive necessary immunizations, physicals exams and supplies at the annual Back to School Festival.

On Aug. 18, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., students can get free immunizations and school supplies at the University Area Community Health Center, 13601 N. 22nd St.

The coalition offers eight sites across Hillsborough County to host events for this service, and the University Area Community Health Center is one of the most popular, according to a press release. In all, the immunization service has helped nearly 24,000 children—the equivalent of immunizing almost four full elementary schools each year.

Outreach requires the coordination and support from several organizations, including the , the release states. Examples include:

  • USF Tools for School, a program of the USF Health Service Corps and USF Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement, set up donation boxes around campus to collect school supplies
  • The Department of Family and Aging Services of Hillsborough County, serving the University area community, orders and donates school supplies
  • Physicians and nurses volunteer their time, each assisted by volunteer medical or nursing students from the USF Health Service Corps and the USF BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic
  • Area hospitals develop flyers in English and Spanish and donate call centers for advance appointment setting
  • Hillsborough County Health Department coordinates and provides vaccinations
  • Florida KidCare representatives are on site to provide information on health insurance for children

For more information about the immunizations or to make an advance appointment, call 813-443-3048. Walk-ins are also welcomed. Immunization records are required for free immunizations. Free school physicals are available for any child entering a Florida school for the first time.

Samuel Clemens August 18, 2012 at 05:28 PM
FYI: It's a FRAUD....a blatant lie to tell the public ALL children MUST be vaccinated before entering the schools. We live in a world were people believe it is the law for their children to be vaccinated before entering the public schools. THERE IS NO LAW REGARDING VACCINES. It's all done under the "color of law." The vaccines are "mandated," but not truly required. I'll let a Polk County mother break it down for you. www.polkmoms.com/forum/topics/you-can-file-form-dh-681-in-order-to-stop-your-child-being?xg_source=activity I know most will never take the time to look for themselves, so allow this Youtube user to reveal some of the ingredients.........via the Center for Disease Control website. A question I like to ask others is.................are you against abortion? If so, then why do you vaccinate when at least 23 current vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue??
Elizabeth A. Leib August 18, 2012 at 06:28 PM
For readers interested in vaccines, particularly the development of the polio vaccine, my husband Mark Leib's play about Salk and his discovery of the vaccine that would bring great relief to millions of parents is in a workshop production at American Stage next week, Aug. 21, 7pm. http://www.americanstage.org/HOTP.php
Samuel Clemens August 21, 2012 at 04:36 AM
Will we get to see a re-enactment of experiments on mental patients at the State insane asylum in Ypsilanti, Mich?? Will today's Salk remember the children who contracted polio from the vaccines? How the vaccine released to the public was untested and different than the one used in the trials. How ineffective it truly was. How mass vaccinations increased the polio How about those monkey viruses? How changing the way MD's reported/diagnosed Polio and related diseases coincided with the release of the vaccine. The guidelines used to determine polio changed, hence the drop in reported cases. It would have occurred without any vaccine. Regardless of what one believes about vaccines, research how they're manufactured, cultured and created....the inGREEDients they use. The testing or lack thereof....the many side effects. Read the inserts for these things....not the generic computer printout from the pharmacists, but request to see the actual insert that accompanies the concoction. A great relief to millions of parents would be to realize our bodies were made to fight for themselves. FYI: we all get cancer......daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. Our bodies fight it off.....if it has the tools to. Nature is the answer to the health needs of the country. Simple test, ask a MD a question about nutrition and herbal/natural remedies....they don't have a clue and neither do you if you continue to believe the lies forced upon you from the medical industrial complex.


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