Top 6 Back-to-School Tips

Want to know what Hillsborough County Public Schools officials recommend?

It’s almost time for the kids to head back to class and Hillsborough County public school officials want to make sure they’re ready and you are, too!

With that in mind, Linda Cobbe, the school district’s spokeswoman, recently shared her Top 6 back-to-school tips for parents.  Here’s what she recommends parents do in advance of that first bell on Aug. 21:

  • Make sure kids are ready to wake up on time – Getting back into the routine of waking up early five days a week can be tough. With this in mind, Cobbe suggests parents “start preparing your children for bedtime and early rising a week or two before school starts.”
  • Know the rules – It’s always a good idea for parents and children both to have a handle on school rules. Considering this, Cobbe suggests taking a look at the student handbook published on the district’s website.
  • Dress for success – If your child’s school has a uniform policy, be sure to order their clothing early.
  • Prepare for emergencies – “Make sure your child's emergency card is updated with any changes of address, phone numbers, or back-up emergency contacts,” Cobbe suggests. (Check with your child’s individual school for emergency card information.)
  • Enjoy some savings – Florida’s Tax-Free Weekend is Aug. 3-5. Take advantage of the savings by shopping for supplies during this time frame. For more information on the tax breaks, visit the Florida Department of Revenue’s website.
  • Know what you need – Cobbe suggests parents look at individual school websites for a complete supply list to kick off the school year right.

For more information about getting ready for the first day of school, visit the district’s website.

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