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My name is Ann Diller and I love it here in New Tampa. My husband and I moved here from Chicago in Aug. of 2000.  The neighbors and residents in Tampa Palms are all good people and I have made lasting friendships.
I have developed a passion for taking wildlife photos and enjoyed writing articles for the Tampa Palms North newsletter.  I worked for Sally Beauty for 10 years until a massive brain hemorrhage in 1990 and a diagnosis of M.S. at the same time cut my career short as a store manager. While relearning skills I lost after having the stroke I  enrolled in the local community college to see if I could master a GED. While doing this I discovered I could write using the Dragon Dictation system on a computer. I wrote a story for class, " My Dogs - The healing Factor " and sent it in to The Stroke Connection magazine on a whim with a bio of me attached. Well long story short they printed the bio  about me that I wrote. I have been writing ever since. I love my dogs Brindle and Brandy. (They are my big babies!) These days life is good....I have served on the Board of Directors of Mayfair in the past and I am currently on the  ADMC Committee for Tampa Palms North. I love serving the community of Mayfair any way possible from Neighborhood Watch, coordinator for Mayfair's web site, coordinator for Mayfair's e-mail tree, welcoming new residents, etc.
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